Stargazer returns as a server that is only available to freshly created characters who must be leveled all the way from Level 1 at the start of the season. Stargazer Cycle 002 characters that will venture to this planet has a different stash, inventory, currency, skills, and experience. These characters takes one of the 3 slots in the seasonal server slots and can be transferred to the mother server, Novus, after the season ends should the player wish to.


Server Modifiers

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The goal of seasonal server is to let newly created characters maximize their potential in this rich star system. The seasonal server’s planetary alignment is different from Novus hence the rates for this planet sets different settings that includes Ores, Drop, Experience, PT, Skill, and Animus. The modifier settings are as follows:

  • x8 EXP
  • x8 Animus EXP
  • x8 PT
  • x2 Drop; and
  • x3 ore capacity.


Seasonal planet server participation benefits include exclusive rewards available only to players that have qualified and met the game achievements needed. Exclusive rewards include consumables, vanity items, and legendary planetary rings.

Reach level 55 (every Stargazer is eligible)1 90 Days Millennial Blade, 5 Silver Pigs, Venus Ring
Reach level 60 (every Stargazer is eligible)Jupiter and Uranus Rings, 5 Silver Pig,
1st – 5th to level 60 per race (total of 15 winners)+5 Intense Weapon of Choice (level 60)
+4 Intense Armor Set of Choice Level 60 Divine (awarded after confirmation)

1st Level 65 per race (total of 3 winners)+5 Shiny Weapon of Choice
+4 Intense Level 65 Shield
+4 Level 65 Intense Armors of Choice
+4 Gold Cape of Choice
1 Full set of Attack Elemental Accessories

1 Full Set of Planetary Rings (Venus, Jupiter and Uranus Rings)

2nd – 5th level 65s per race (total of 12 winners)+4 Shiny Weapon of Choice
+3 Intense Level 65 Shield
+3 Intense Level 65 Armor of Choice
+3 Gold Cape of Choice
2 Attack Elemental Accessories
Jupiter and Uranus Rings
Highest CPT per race (total of 3 winners)+5 Shiny Weapon of Choice
+4 Intense Level 65 Shield
* Awarded after the end of season
Most Chipbreaks of all races (1 winner)+5 Shiny Weapon of Choice
 Intense Level 65 Shield
+4 Intense Level 65 Armor of Choice
+3 Gold Cape of Choice

* Awarded after the end of season
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the season start?

Season starts on August 6, 2019 until November 5, 2019.

  • Will the leaderboard ranking be wiped after the season?

Yes. Every season the ranking page will be wiped each and after a season ends.

  • What will happen to seasonal characters?

Players will have the choice to port and merge their characters to Novus sector via migration or let the natural process of decomposition take their characters away.

  • How long does it takes to complete 1 set of Planetary rings to combine?

Approximately, you will need 3 months to have a full set of the planetary rings that you can combine.

  • What are the attributes of the planetary rings?

These legendary rings contains 4 attributes currently not present in Novus sector and obtainable only by playing in seasonal server.

  • Will the planetary rings be automatically inserted once the achievement has been unlocked?

All prizes will be manually inserted by the PlayPark RF Online team as soon as the season concludes.

  • What level is required to be eligible for the merge at the end of the season?

After the season, all characters that have managed to reach Level 60 and above are eligible for the merge to Novus. All other characters that did not manage to make it to the specified level will be wiped along with all the data from the Server.


Please be advised that account storage won’t be included in the migration process. This is to avoid errors encountered by some accounts from the previous cycle of Stargazer.