Introducing the Account Insurance Service (AIS) for RF Online

Based on community feedback and multiple rounds of deliberation within the PlayPark RF Online team, we are now close to finalizing efforts to introduce the Account Insurance Service (AIS) for customers of PlayPark RF Online.

Compromised user accounts have long been an issue of debate within the community, and with PlayPark as the publisher and general service provider, and there was a multitude of methods that have been explored on how to handle the investigations, restorations, and other account-related activities that the team can offer. That being said, a user account is the user’s own responsibility, and aside from the general security that PlayPark and RF Online provides by means of its login and authentication systems, an account that is compromised through extraneous means (i.e.; malware in the computer, manual eyeballing of a password inside a public computer shop, etc.) is generally out of reach of regular recovery methods by PlayPark, and would require additional manpower, scheduling, and investigation.

In light of that information, the Account Insurance Service (AIS) is proposed as a paid service that would guarantee recovery results (as long as requirements from the user are met), a definite timeline of handling, and a smooth & clear direction for customers to take, alleviating much of the hassle and unpredictability of a compromised account. The details below encompass what is offered by the AIS.

  1. The account owner should file a ticket in iBox ( within 7 days after discovering the hacking incident. (Failure to submit a ticket within the allotted time frame will not be entertained)
  2. Once the account was verified and the owner gained full control, the RF Team will be providing the list of compromised items.
  3. Race currency, talics, gems, potions, durational items, and other consumables won’t be included in the list of compromised items and restoration process. Only weapons, armors, shields, capes, selected cash shop items, and the character itself will be restored provided that the items were not destroyed or downgraded.
  4. If the owner wishes to restore the compromised items, he/she may purchase the Insurance Coupon.
  5. The Insurance Coupon will be available in the RF Bazaar for PHP 1,000. Per Insurance Coupon used, a maximum of 10 items can be recovered, within a single character’s inventory.
  6. The Insurance Coupon must be purchased on the compromised character. (If the owner fails to purchase the Insurance Coupon within (2) weeks after gaining full control of the account, the item restoration request will no longer be entertained)
  7. After purchasing the Insurance Coupon and providing the list of items to be restored, the restoration process will take 1 to 3 weeks after the list was provided.
  8. FALSE CLAIM is subject to PERMANENT SUSPENSION of the account.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please check both inbox and spam folder when checking for iBox responses.

We will be rolling out more updates on the AIS in the coming weeks, and we look forward to utilizing this to facilitate hack complaints better.


Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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