Stargazer’s second cycle is at its end, and the time comes when refugees are welcomed into the main world. With haste, the factions scramble to deliver their best and brightest through transports that will cross the wormholes back to Novus. With developments discovered from early samples of Desolation’s atmosphere, the exodus has been enabled to deliver more than the usual able-bodied soldiers.

Soldiers and citizens, we celebrate: Stargazer Migration for Cycle 002 will have lowered level requirement. For this cycle, faction members starting from lv55 will be allowed to cross the divide and reintegrate with main world society in Novus. Stargazer will fall out of reach, as it does, for a period of time once those able have left, until it cycles back within range.

IMPORTANT: Items inside the storage still wouldn’t be included in the migration process. It is advised that everyone must prepare their characters a few days before the migration.

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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