“We need to complete all of these rings as soon as possible. 
One last piece and we’ll have our Lord back to life. 
With his great power, we can conquer all planets that we’ll attack!” *evil laugh*  
– Anonymous

Unknown creatures were reported to be wandering on the sea coast. High officials thought that these creatures might also be looking for the last ring, the Neptune Ring.

Racial heroes started to search near the area and were able to saw one of these creatures. It was really aggressive and attacked everyone. However, the soldiers managed to take down the creature but before it dies, it uttered:

“Our Lord .. will revive me .. you’re all .. too late!”
“You’ll all .. die .. sooo – oon.. Uggghh!” 

Ziz Qadasha: “No way! They’re planning to use the rings to revive someone they call their Lord! We need to stop them before it gets worse!”

Griantinu: “I’ll inform Empress Quain about this and send back up immediately.”


Citizens of Novus, the search for the last Stargazer ring begins on November 8, 2019. Login at least 1 hour every day from November 8, 2019, to December 6, 2019, to get the NEPTUNE Ring!

All Novus soldiers who will meet the required no. of hours per day for 20 DAYS (straight or not) will get the following items:

  • 1 Neptune Ring
  • 1 Millennial Blade [90 Days]
  • 15 Shiny Gold Boxes
  • 30 pcs Daily Quest Boxes

The level required to be eligible for the prizes is Lv 60.

As a token, all Stargazer 002 characters who reached Lv 60 before the migration process will have a chance to get an additional reward if they will meet the requirement for the Login Event.

The additional rewards are as follows:

  • 1 Neptune Ring
  • 10 Shiny Gold Boxes
  • 20 pcs Daily Quest Boxes

Join the search now and win all the prizes!

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