Faust: “So, this is Planet Novus. I don’t see anything special here.”
Zealot: “Maybe they’re hiding somewhere. I think we should make some noise. Shall we?”
Faust: “That’s a great idea! Let me do it for you.”

Strange noises and explosions were reported by the soldiers patrolling at Cauldron Volcanic Zone. They mentioned 2 vicious beings wearing strange equipment was seen destroying and killing anyone on sight. A call for help has been sent to all citizens as these beings are on their way to the desert.


  • The event happens every Thursday and will start at 7 PM.
  • All Race Leaders and Council members must gather their troops.
  • Unwanted visitors will appear in Cauldron Volcanic Zone and begin attacking anyone on sight. Beware as these visitors are fully equipped and can possibly kill you in just one shot.
  • A certain race should be in chaos mode every week. Everyone’s mission is to kill the villains before they kill everyone else.
  • All soldiers who would take the last hit from these villains will get random rewards (Talics, Premium Cape Coupons, Ores, Shiny Gold Boxes, etc)

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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