Prepare your weapons ⚔️ The Chip Breaker Challenge is going down this Saturday, November 16th, 10 PM GMT+8, in the Novus server!

The Chip Breaker will win the following:

  • Php 10,000 Cash
  • 10,000 Gold Capsule
  • 5 pcs Shiny Saint Gateway Coupon


  • Failure to deliver the chip will reduce the cash prize to half.
  • The CB Killer will win Php 5,000 worth of Cash Shop Items.
  • Intentional killing will not be counted for the CB Killer prize.
  • Killing the Chip Breaker of the same race will not be counted.

What are you waiting for? Gather up your members now and break the chip!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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