“Your majesty, it seems like we really need to inform all the council members about our current situation.”

~ “Yes, I believe they should. We need their help.”

“I’ll call them immediately and plan everything as soon as possible.”

On the last 2 Saturdays of November 2019, Race Leaders should gather up their councils as they prepare for a weekly challenge that would lead their own race to victory!

At 7:00 PM on November 23 & 30, race leaders and council members will be called to gather at a certain location. All representatives present will be summoned on the Chess map for a 3-way match.

All representatives of the winning race will be awarded the following:

  • 2 stacks Premium Burst/Offense Potion
  • 1 pc Potion Buff Expansion Capsule (Dual Potion)

Also, the winning race will get:

  • 5 Nukes – 9 representatives alive after the match
  • 3 Nukes – 7-8 representatives alive after the match
  • 2 Nukes – 5-6 representatives alive after the match
  • 1 Nuke – Below 5 representatives alive after the match


  • Revival Potion is NOT allowed to be used.
  • Any type of revival skill is NOT allowed.
  • Use of Teleport/Summon Potion to return to the arena is NOT allowed.

NOTE: Violation of the said reminders is subject to 1-day account ban.

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

Stay tuned, too, for other updates and events in our community group and fan page.