And here we go, there ain’t no stopping March Madness, because you can conveniently participate without having to leave your massively souped-up gaming bunkers, citizens of Novus and Desolation!

The Chip Breaker Challenge for this month will be held on March 20th for Novus and March 27th for Desolation (both Fridays), during the 10 PM UTC+8 Chip War.

The Chip Breaker will get 10,000 Php in cash, 1,000,000 in Cash Points, and a real-life surprise icebox cooler chest filled to the bring with refreshments! How’s that for a summer plan? Beat the heat if you can beat the rest of the competition from taking your prize away.

If the Chip Breaker is downed before completing his delivery, though, the CB Killer gets 5,000 Php in cash as a bounty, so it ain’t over til it’s over, ladies and gents!


  • If the CB dies or failed to deliver, the cash prize will be reduced to 5,000 Php.
  • If the CB is killed by someone from the same race or by a nuke, there will be no CB Killer prize.
  • Chip War Alliance is ALLOWED!
  • 2 PM Chip War will be cancelled for this event.

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

See you all in the hottest of killing fields in a week, it may be desolate in the streets right now, but it’ll be hella crowded in the Mines. Good luck!