Where we’re goin’… there ain’t no laws.

“Diamanthus, are you sure?”

“Yes, Fiero, I am. Zero native lifeforms detected. This is a fresh parallel.”

“And I, Quida, am going to be the queen of it!”

“Not if we can help it,” Diamanthus, the non-Accretian, bemoaned, “but perhaps… we should help ourselves first. Maybe working together outside of the laws of Novus would gain us more than just repeating what history had always dictated upon our cursed races.”

“Perhaps, my strangest of friends,” said Fiero, the former-Corite. “Chaos makes for strange bedfellows, doesn’t it? But I will take what I can if only to show the sheep how hard a wolf can bite when the shepherds are away.”

“We will be the shepherds in wolves’ clothing,”
claimed Quida, the once-Bellato, “and this world shall be our farmland. We will grow trees of blood in an orchard of the strong. Violence will rain upon us, and make us grow.”

“Didn’t take you for a dramatic one,”
Diamanthus set their craft down. “Welcome to Outlaw, a name I think we will all agree on. Everyone who arrives after us will know that it is us who named it so… for everyone who chooses to go here will be one.

Stargazer was no more; or, to put it more accurately – is less, than a wisp of space dust, dragged on by plasmic currents in the black uncaring void. It cycled until it could not. That was the end of that.

From the death of a planet… comes the birth of a new one. Technically, the planet-parallel of Outlaw was discovered, as with all of the Novii children, but Outlaw’s civilization – or the lack thereof – was a natural phenomenon that shaped itself along with its inhabitants.

Once, there were three rogues, offshoots and outcasts of their own societies, cast away by the very nations everyone else sought to fight for and defend. 

What follows are their stories. 

Stay tuned for the tale of Fiero, Outlaw of the Cora, in preparation for the coming of the new cyclical speed server of PlayPark RF Online: Outlaw!

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