For a few credits more…

The man they call Fiero was a bounty hunter aiding zealots and peacekeepers from the Corite homeworlds. In the course of peddling his profession, racking up “bags” (targets) identified by the various sects of the Faith, he comes upon the knowledge of El Cindieri, a Spiritualist with a penchant for the use of only the Fire element, who had come to be known as a ruthless and cold-blooded robber, arsonist, and murderer. Cindieri had run from the law, and was quite adept enough to stay one step ahead, slaughtering his jailers and captors after getting tagged a while back.

Cindieri plans to rob the Golden Bank of DECEM, right in the heartland of the Faith, as military personnel have all been shipped to the frontier of Novus. The criminal had rounded up a gang of cohorts, and robbed their way close to the outskirts of the main financial districts. Fiero figures he needs to get close to Cindieri and strike when the opportunity presents itself, as a pitched firefight against him and his gang had already proven fatal for so many others.

Fiero catches wind of the plan, and with the help of some associates working on the border of the law, manages to meet Cindieri before his gang robs the last stop before the Golden Bank. Fiero convinces the gang leader to let him into the group after helping Cindieri break a fellow outlaw out of jail.

“Another ember for the fire,” Cindieri accedes.

On the night before the Golden heist, Fiero manages to send a messenger through to the local militia, warning them of the incoming assault. Cindieri, however, changes plans abruptly and commands for the gang to ride for the bank immediately, snuffing out the campfires and galloping full speed towards their target. 

The gang obliterates the meager security force, as Fiero’s messenger had still not reached his destination. Cindieri himself sets alight the vault and burns through the heavy metallic doors, exposing their booty within. Fiero is powerless to stop the wanton killing of the bank’s men and women, careful to not waste timing his opportunity to strike when Cindieri least expects it – and isn’t surrounded by his men. He instead finds a perch a building away, and elects to snipe off the gang members one by one.

As his shots ring out, the gang members are confused by where the bolts are coming from, and consequently turn on each other, blaming their predicament on their cohorts. Security reinforcements arrive and surround the bank. Cindieri takes several lifters of gems and precious metals, and leaves his few remaining men in the burning wreckage of the vault room. Fiero sees his chance, and rides towards him.

“My friend, aren’t you leaving with us, aren’t ya,” Fiero said to his seemingly unknowing bounty. 

“I thought you died,” Cindieri replied, without breaking his ride’s gait. “Well, you ain’t getting any of this from me… hunter.”

“So you knew, huh?”

Cindieri throws him the head of the young lad Fiero had asked to send warning. “You didn’t have to do that, but add that to the list of sins you’ll pay for, Cindieri.

The caster blasts Fiero behind him with a conflagration. Fiero brakes on a dime and falls to the ground. He rights himself, nocks a beam arrow, and draws Cindieri in his sights.

You just kept wanting just a few credits more, huh? You wouldn’t stop, and now you’re going to die for all you’ve done.


Years later, Fiero awakes, rotting in squalor in a jail cell. He had been caught in the same night as he had killed his blazing mark and nemesis, but he was taken in by the zealotry and along with the rest of the surviving Cindieri crew, arrested and sentenced as criminals. Fiero was unable to defend himself, as witnesses had testified to his membership of the gang, and therefore his culpability. The Faith would hear none of his pleas. In a stroke of luck, or perhaps bad luck depending on one’s perspective, Fiero was spared into a lifetime of isolation in the brigs of the Faith, solitary and decrepit for his kill of the gang leader. The crew were all executed. 

Wake up,” a metallic voice rattled from beyond the solid door, in darkness.

Who are you, I’ve just fed this week.

I am like you. You used to be a bounty hunter, I’ve heard.

Only the best. But this town ain’t cared for the best. Only what’s best for them.

Then join me instead of slowly turning into the much you consume and consider sustenance.

Why? Or well, don’t matter why, how? Are you a hunter too?

The door blasts open, and a towering mechanism of steel and lights welcomes themselves into Fiero’s sight. His eyes struggle to adjust to the brightness. A woman with a large high-caliber launcher, twirling it, smiles at him. She speaks.

Wow, no wonder you Accretians love these buggers. Sure do pack a mean punch.” Facing Fiero, she reaches out a hand to help him up, “I’m Quida, by the way.

Fiero,” he replies.

Diamanthus,” grates the metallic monstrosity. “But I am not of Accretia any more. And neither are you Cora, as she is no longer Bellato.

What are we, then?

We are outlaws.

Stay tuned for the tale of Quida, Outlaw of Bellato, as we draw even closer to the opening of the Outlaw speed server!

And as promised, a new detail is revealed:

  • Outlaw is the home of three special characters who will play out in live in-game events
  • 15x EXP server mods across the board, all the way from the server-opening!

Why so high, you ask? Keep yourselves posted on the next update, as we reveal more about the mysterious new world.

See you in the (new) killing fields!

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