“It’s a jungle out there, boss.”

“No, idiot. It’s the wild west. West of what, I don’t know. But there’s a big prize and little room for error, and even less rules. We gotta break the chip. Then, it’s every man for himself.”

“Err, boss? Why do I have to help you then?”

Two searing-hot blasts of laser fire ring in the night.

“Bye boss. That’s one less competition for the showdown at the corral.”

Listen here, Outlaws!

Load your weapons with lead as the 1st Chip Breaker Challenge beckons. It’s happening on April 24, 2020 & May 15, 2020!

But don’t get too cocky as a lot of twists and turns may yet turn up. Up for grabs is a PHP 50,000 bounty and everybody wants a piece of it.

But what would happen if the Chip Breaker (CB) dies?

  • If the CB was killed, the CB Killer will get PHP 30,000 from the total cash prize. Only PHP 20,000 will be given to the Chip Breaker.
  • If the CB was killed by NUKE, only PHP 20,000 will be awarded but the Race Leader or Consul won’t get any reward.
  • If the CB was killed by a member of the same race, only PHP 20,000 will be awarded but the killer won’t get any reward.
  • If the CB fails to deliver, only PHP 20,000 will be awarded.
  • If the CB logged out to avoid getting killed, it will be considered automatically as a FAILURE and would only get PHP 20,000.


  • Chip War Alliance is ALLOWED!
  • 2 PM Chip War will be canceled for this event.

NOTE: The winners may have the option to convert the Cash Prize into Cash Points by request.

Gear up now and be the first to soldier to that whopping PHP 50,000 cash!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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