Get ready for a jampacked June, with the biggest ever prize ever announced for a chip breaker challenge event:

On June’s Outlaw CBC event, 50,000 Php in cash goes to the brave Chip Breaker for June 2020, and another equally whopping 50,000 Php will be donated to the charity of choice of our winner, for a total of 100,000 Php

Should the Chip Breaker be killed on his way back though, they still keep the 50,000 Php and 25,000 Php still goes to the charity of their choice, while the Chip Breaker Killer also receives 25,000 Php. But if the kill is from a Nuclear Missile or from a character of the same race, it will not be counted. How’s that for a lucrative gold mine of reason to go to battle?

We live in strange times, and this will just be one of the ways to give back. We thank everyone for the support to both the PlayPark RF Online community and to your own IRL communities and our frontliners in this age of COVID: keep it up, good luck, and remember to have a good time (while wearing masks – like a true Outlaw!). 

Please be reminded that the 2 PM Chip War of the same date will be canceled for this event.

See you there at Outlaw on June 26th, 2020, at 10 PM GMT+8, and come out with guns ablaze. Who’ll be the fastest gun in the West?

The PlayPark RF Online Team is still doing it’s very best to resolve the current issues (i.e. rendering & connectivity) being encountered in the game before the said event commences. Please bear with us! We really appreciate your patience and understanding!

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