Bump up your headgear to the NEW Lv 60 Race Helms

A call for the Heroes of the masses rings out in the daylight, and all citizens from all parallels (servers) are invited to join! New technology requires a bit of effort and funding, but the benefits are well worth it. Contribute to the cause and upgrade your Lv 55 Race Helms (Accretia, Bellato, and Cora) to lv60 Race Helms in this event!

These fresh new head protectors can only be acquired (outside of normal means) via this event, and it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it opportunity. Go straight from lv55 helms to the powerful new headgear once you prove your worth in taking down a few HP sponges and forking up some racial currency. Easy as pie!

During the course of the Big Brain Upgrades event, Control Chip Boxes will spawn every hour, rotating on all 3 settlements: Armory 213, Solus Settlement, and Haram Stockade. These CCBs will drop different types of lv55 Race Helms for all 3 races, on all locations.

ARMORY 213 ( 1:30 , 4:30 , 7:30 , 10:30 AM/PM GMT+8 )

SOLUS SETTLEMENT ( 2:30 , 5:30 , 8:30 , 11:30 AM/PM GMT+8 )

HARAM STOCKADE ( 3:30 , 6:30 , 9:30 , 12:30 AM/PM GMT+8 )

Upgrading the lv55 Race Helm to +5 and combining it with 10M of your race’s currency at the HERO NPC will provide you an un-upgraded lv60 Race Helm!

NOTE: FAVOR TALIC or WISDOM TALIC can be used but SHOULD BE THE SAME until +5 before combining at HERO

The event starts today, May 19, 2020, and goes on: allot enough time for farming both the Helms and the currency needed, and you can be the proud new owner of your own lv60 headgear.

Want to know the upgrade chances? Check the table below.

Wondering how this table works? Let’s say you upgraded your Lv 55 Helm to +3 using SG (Shiny Gem) and it doesn’t succeed on that 81.82% success rate, then it would have an 11.25% chance to be DESTROYED or a chance to either FAIL or TALIC WIPE.

Good luck, and see you there in the Control Box killing fields!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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