“We had been experimenting on Lunkers ever since we got to Novus back in the day. The little buggers exhibited resilience to radiation, chemicals, possibly all known substances with a measured LD55. Anything that could kill a Bellato or a Corite, we put in these poor saps. They died, a lot of them did. Some, we had to kill and put out of their misery, when we could no longer learn anything else from them except the volume of their squeals.

Well, we should’ve stopped right there. Little did we know that they, amongst some other local fauna in Novus, that they have an accelerated evolutionary track – a gene mutation-on-demand – until the first Brutals laid waste to the labs up north. Now, we have learned to respect this capability. Maybe even use it ourselves.

Desolation needs it. The populace needs it. And if we can have it before the others do, we’ll have a chance. Just like those poor animals, stuck in a white room with needles in their arms. We have to adapt. We have to survive. And LD55 isn’t gonna cut it any longer. We have to crank it up.”

– Adi Shankaris, lead scientist of the Desolation Contingent Crew

The next FIVE levels of Desolation, the parallel beset by limitations and challenges, has been UNLOCKED! You’ve survived this long, desolate brethren, and now is the time to adapt!

New playthings to try and acquire and test in an environment that was designed for an old barrier. New ways in which battles could unfold as the floodgates of evolution open for the citizens of all races. New ways to kill.

Catch the Lv60 strain this starting today, where no man, woman, or machine will remain silent inhaling from this new spring of power.


A new dungeon opens parallel to the limit increase in Desolation! Party up now and finish the Shiny Saint battle dungeon! Get hold of the powerful Shiny Saint weapons and kill anyone blocking your way!


Rewards have been prepared for those who will be the first few to obtain the Lv60 strain! With all their efforts and hardships, they’ll obtain a Shiny Divine Weapon!

1st – +5 Shiny Divine Weapon of Choice & +4 Intense Lv 60 Armor Set of Choice
2nd – +4 Shiny Divine Weapon of Choice & +3 Intense Lv 60 Armor Set of Choice
3rd – +3 Shiny Divine Weapon of Choice & +2 Intense Lv 60 Armor Set of Choice


What are you waiting for? Grind now for exp and secure those Shiny Weapons!

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