It’s time once again to start shooting and swinging and let the blades and bullets decide who’s king and who’s first to fall and last to stand. This time, it will be for Novus & Desolation server!

Here’s an open invitation to all citizens of Novus & Desolation to come and bring their A-game and attempt to at least not die – killing your opponents is optional but highly recommended.

The following dates mark when the fights begin for each race:

The event starts at 8:30 PM GMT+8!

For NOVUS, please check the schedule below.

August 06 – Accretia Empire
August 07 – Bellato Union
August 09 – Cora Holy Alliance

For DESOLATION, here’s the schedule:

August 14 – Accretia
August 15 – Bellato
August 16 – Cora

The game remains the same:

  1. Players will be summoned in the Chess Map within 30 mins.
  2. GMs will notify everyone via the in-game notice of who to message for the summoning.
  3. Character summoning will start from 8 PM until 8:25 PM GMT+8!
  4. Once summoned, Players are NOT ALLOWED to port out anymore – if they somehow do port out, they forfeit participation. 
  5. After the GO signal, players should start killing each other until only 1 player remains alive.
  6. Revive skill or potion are NOT ALLOWED! Character Logs of the winner will be checked after the event.
  7. All Players should use CHAOS POTIONs from the start until the end. Anyone seen NOT in CHAOS mode will be ported out from the Arena. The competition ends for a player whenever they are ported out of the arena, logs out or disconnects, they’re dead, or THE LAST MAN STANDING.
  8. The first 10 minutes will be an all-out PvP period. After 10 mins, monsters will be summoned.


  • If a player disconnects or logs out, he/she will automatically be disqualified.                                               
  • In cases when a mass disconnection happens, the event will be declared a no-contest and will be up for deliberation when it can be restarted.
  • 2 PM Chip War will be CANCELED during the event dates.

What’s at stake:

  • Php 10,000 worth of Cash Points
  • 3,000 Gold Points
  • 2 pcs 25.25/25.20 Elemental Accessories of Choice                                

How’s that for a lucrative bounty to chase? Make sure you’re ready in a few days and gear up for the ultimate bar-room brawl. This ain’t no baby saloon, so grit your teeth and have at it!

See you there, with guns a-blazing, we hope.

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

Stay tuned, too, for updates about Boss Rush in our community group and fan page.