It’s every posse for themselves – yeah that’s right – you can’t outlaw properly without the help of a few good, or bad, fellow fugitives. Take your team of 5 to the test and bring your best against the rest of the barroom brawl in Outlaw 2.0 and stand a chance to win a share of the over-350K PHP worth of prizes up for grabs for the top placers. Bring your A-game because no one will give up their stakes that easily – you’ll need to pull every trick in the book, including throwing the proverbial kitchen sink. Fight to the death and aim for the glory of being known as the Head Honcho, the top Outlaws of Outlaw 2.0



  • All Classes are only limited to 2 according to the Initial Class.
  • Cross-Class characters are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Archon and Councils are NOT ALLOWED.
  • CB Aura is NOT ALLOWED. It is recommended that you don’t register Guild Leaders.
  • Character Team Class line up is FINAL (no changing in between matches per week).


  • Max of 2 advanced Class per team for Warrior Class. (e.g. 2 Zealots, 2 Berserkers, 2 Punishers).
  • Max of 1 Armor Rider(Bellato), 1 Faust(Cora) and 1 Annihilator(Accretia) per team.
  • Max of 2 Animus per type is allowed on the battlefield at a time but is limited to 1 Pure & 1 Sealed. (e.g. 1 Hecate & 1 Sealed Hecate). Two (2) pure summons are NOT ALLOWED to be deployed at the same time.
  • MAU Rider keys maxed to 2 (1 Catapult & 1 Goliath).
  • The use of Revive Skill is NOT ALLOWED for Specialists.
  • Bellato’s Mage Class will be limited to 1 Soul Chandra & 1 Archmage or 1 Chronomancer & 1 Archmage.
    • May select 1 Soul Chandra but NO Chandra-Chronomancer.
    • May select 1 Chandra-Chronomancer but NO Soul Chandra.
  • Accretia Specialist Class will be limited to 1 Battle Leader & 1 Scientist only.


  • Any type of Weapon, Armor Set, and Accessory is ALLOWED to be used.
  • Warriors, Rangers, and Specialists are NOT ALLOWED to use a Staff.
  • Jade of Relief is ALLOWED.
  • Runes and Christmas Potions (Cake, Candies, etc.) are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Quickskill Potion, Stealth Potion, Full Recovery Potion, Neutralizing Potion & Original Place Revival Potion are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Character logs and purchases will be checked after every round.

NOTE: Item Rules are still subject for discussion.


  • Only 5 towers are allowed for every team per round.
  • When the match starts, any disconnection issue will not be entertained.

Disclaimer: Failure to comply with the above mentioned limitations will be automatically disqualified.


  • Weekly Registration starts from Monday until 12:30 PM GMT+8 of Thursday.
  • You can register your team by clicking this link:
  • The tournament will be held in Outlaw server.
  • Participants must use their OWN accounts and items for the tournament.
  • All teams will be summoned to the Tournament Area.
  • The officiating GM will announce when they may start casting buffs.
  • The GM will start the countdown from 5. Match will start after he says “GO!”
  • Each round will be given 5 minutes. There will be 3 rounds in one match.
  • If a team managed to wipe out (kill) all the members of the opposing team, they will be declared the winner for that round. The first team to win 2 rounds will move to the next match.
  • If neither of the teams wasn’t able to wipe out their opponent after 5 minutes, the team that has the most number of alive members will win that round.
  • If the number of members alive is the same, both teams will get 1 point.
  • Call Time will be @ 6:30 PM GMT+8 for the Participants during the event date. Late teams will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • The GM Team will not entertain any disconnection issue or technical issues once the match started.
  • Please be reminded that under any circumstance, the GM Team’s decision will be FINAL.

The Top 8 guilds after the Guild Rank reset every Monday are the only teams that are allowed to join.

  • The posting of weekly participating teams will be done every Monday.
  • Tournament matches will be as follows:
  • The 4 winning teams per race will then proceed to the next round.


  • Participating teams will automatically get 1 Shiny BD Key & 5 pcs Class Redefine Capsule
  • Winning Team of the Week will get an ADDITIONAL 1 Shiny BD Key & Php 5,000 worth of Cash Points



  • The Elimination Round will take 8 weeks from September 10, 2020, to October 31, 2020.
  • If a team wins against their opponent they will earn 1 point. A total of 3 points is the team becomes the Weekly Champion.
  • The Top 2 teams with the highest point will move to the next round.
  • In the case of a tie, Death Match will take place.
  • Sudden Death Match – the first team to kill a team member of the opposing team will win.


  • All Ranked 3 participating teams from all races will then fight in a Round Robin Match.
  • The 2 teams who was able to score will be included in the Final 8.

Top 2 guilds per race & the Wild Cards will receive the following rewards:


  • For the Final 8 Round, the match will be in double-eliminations.
  • The Outlaw Wars 2.0 Ultimate Champion and Runner-Up will win the following prizes:


NOTE: Awarding of prizes will take 7 to 15 days after the official announcement of winners!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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