Prepare for, not one, but TWO separate Chip Breaker Challenges each for both Novus and Desolation servers again this October 2020!

Up for grabs is 15,000 PHP in cold cash per event, totaling up to a 60,000 PHP chip-breaker pool again this month. Who’s gonna get it? Only time will tell – with more events, there are more chances of firing that one fate-changing shot.

The brave chip breaker will automatically get 15,000 PHP in cash if he/she delivered it successfully. However, if he/she fails, the CB Killer will be rewarded with 5,000 PHP worth of Cash Points. Only 10,000 PHP will be left for the Chip Breaker.

NOVUS – October 10 & 24
DESOLATION – October 17 & 30

All of these events will happen during 10 PM GMT+8 Chip War!

NOTE: Nuclear Missile or same race kill won’t be counted. 2 PM Chip War of the same day will be canceled.

We’ll see you again in the blood-red and oil-black killing fields.

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