New mutations of the native flora and fauna have been found to be rising in number recently, and at an astronomical rate at that. It is unprecedented; we’d long thought Desolation’s harsh climatic conditions would keep stunting not just ourselves, but the local wildlife too… but it seems… it’s only made them stronger. While others might see this as a coming danger… I believe completely otherwise.

We can use this, like the Nightshade feeds on the unforgiving deserts upon which it grows, we can develop systems to subsume the strength of our would-be predators in this world, and surpass even those from mainworlds. We will not be regressing back to being prey: we ourselves shall prey upon others who’re worthy to face our newfound strength. The warring worlds were strong before we came to find Novus… and we were strong already when we found Deso.

And we shall bloom, and get stronger still… a beautiful death that stalks our enemies.

– Dr. Alixandros Felminx, discharged Bellato chemical weapons specialist, in a communique to Bellato Federal Command

Level 65 is coming to Desolation, and nothing is stopping the powercreep! 

Loads of new updates await: introducing new crafting options for all specialist classes, including lv70 item tiers – prepare your materials and catch up early or get caught yourself by those with higher tech. New maps and adventures, inviting players to conquer them, including the mysterious Jetso Island, the ruins of Novazan’s Fortress, and a deeper level in an abandoned Cartella Bionics Laboratory. All these and more incoming to every surviving Desolation citizen and soldier.


The race to level 65 will be up for each race! The first 3 players to reach level 65 for their race will be rewarded!

1st – +5 Shiny Saint Weapon of Choice & +4 Intense Lv 65 Armor Set of Choice
2nd – +4 Shiny Saint Weapon of Choice & +3 Intense Lv 65 Armor Set of Choice
3rd – +3 Shiny Saint Weapon of Choice & +2 Intense Lv 65 Armor Set of Choice

With all their efforts and hardships, they’ll obtain a Shiny Saint Weapon! Be prepared, and bare your teeth at the coming storm.

See you at 65, followers of the Rising Force!

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