New year, new us! Kindness is a-flutter as we welcome 2021, and after all we’ve been through in 2020 – we could all use a little auld lang syne. Face new challenges with new friends and new hope – we can stand together, bravely charging head-on.

But of course, we will not end 2020 without something special. That’s why we’re bringing you this YEAR-END BLOWOUT!

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for everyone in 2020 with a lot of problems faced not just in-game but also in real life! These things tested friendship, family, and your love for everyone in RF Online. Everyone discovered something new and made them think better. That’s why in the last week of December 2020, we want to see how everyone’s creativity has changed.

Below are the list of events that we have for you before we meet 2021!


Enjoy new Snowman Hats and Tree Capes available this Christmas Season until January 5, 2021!

Full details here:



  1. Take your best photo together with 4 other characters while wearing either Snowman Hats or Tree Capes.
  2. Members can be from the other races.
  3. Texts are NOT allowed. The image alone should be able to deliver the title of your artwork.
  4. Images can be edited via any editing application.
  5. The image size should be at least 720 x 720 px.
  6. Submit your entries on this form:
  7. The five(5) best entries will be posted in the first week of January 2021 for public voting.
  8. Criteria for judging are as follows:
    • Creativity 40%
    • Originality 40%
    • Popularity (Like, Share. Comments and Views) 20%
  9. The deadline for submission of entries will be on January 3, 2021!


  • PHP 5,000 Worth of Cash Points per member
  • Full Set of Generators and Charms [30 Days] per member
  • 1 Santa Rocket Sleigh per member

Give us your best shot and win cool prizes! GOODLUCK!


  • A lot of Pit Bosses will be summoned to your respective HQs and other locations on December 30, 2020! Make sure to gather all your friends or guild members and hunt these monsters down to get cool items!


  • Cartella Bundles are still available in the RF Bazaar until December 28, 2020!
  • Available bundles are as follows:
    • NOVUS
      • Shiny Gem Promo PLUS (2 Keen Talics, 2 Favor Talics, 2 Mercy Talics, 1 Silver Pig Statue)
      • Lucky Gem FMC Promo PLUS (2 Favor Talics, 2 Mercy Talics, 2 Chaos Talics, 1 Silver Pig Statue)
      • Lucky Gem GDC Promo PLUS (2 Grace Talics, 2 Darkness Talics, 2 Chaos Talics, 1 Silver Pig Statue)
      • Shiny Gem Set Promo (1 Keen Talic, 1 Favor Talic, 1 Mercy Talic)
      • Lucky Gem FMC Promo (1 Favor Talic, 1 Mercy Talic, 1 Chaos Talic)
      • Lucky Gem GDC Promo (1 Grace Talic, 1 Darkness Talic, 1 Chaos Talic)


  • The year 2021 is coming and 1 lucky winner from each race on both servers will have a Golden New Year! Check out the mechanics below on how to join.


1. The event runs from December 25 to December 31, 2020.
2. Log in to the game every day until December 31, 2020. (No log in hours required. You just need to log in to the game!)
3. LIKE & SHARE (Public) the post on PlayPark RF Online Facebook Page. TAG/MENTION ten(10) friends in the comments section.
4. Top-up, convert, and use at least 10,000 Cash Points (100 PlayPark Load) every day at the RF Bazaar ONLY to be included in the raffle and get a chance to win BIG!

The prize for each day will be identified via a randomizer application during the draw date.

Below is the list of items to be given away: (1 winner per race for each server)

  • +6 Gold Snowman Hat of Choice (Permanent)
  • +6 Gold Tree Cape of Choice (Permanent)
  • +0 Race Wing of Choice (Novus & Desolation)
  • +4 Intense Patron Weapon (Novus) or +0 Shiny 65 Weapon (Desolation)
  • +4 Intense Patron Armor Set (Novus) or +0 Intense 65 Armor Set (Desolation)
  • Solar Ring (Novus) & Elemental Ring 25.20 or 25.25 (Desolation)
  • Lunar Ring (Novus) & Elemental Amulet 25.25 or 25.20 (Desolation)


  1. When will be the raffle date?
    • The raffle date will be on January 8, 2021.
  2. How many entries will be allowed per account?
    • Only 10 entries per account per day will be allowed.
  3. Can I top-up and convert the total amount for 7 days (PHP 700) on any day of the event and just spend 10,000 cash points per day?
    • Yes, it will be allowed. But again, make sure to spend 10,000 cash points daily in the RF BAZAAR ONLY as the list will be system-generated.
  4. Are the rewards transferrable?
    • Yes, we will allow the transferring of rewards for this event, but it should be within the SAME RACE & SAME SERVER.

It’s going to be a Golden 2021 for everyone! Tell your friends about this wonderful news!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, great soldiers!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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