Relive the iconic PvP-centric sci-fi MMORPG. Forge new friendships and rekindle old rivalries. War will never end for the Novus Sector, and it’s started to spread across new worlds as well.
Engage in a war for superiority and dwindling resources and rising FORCE with any of the three civilizations:
Summon magical familiars called Animus to aid you in battle as the Cora.
Call down and ride Massive Armored Units for cavalry support as the Bellato.
Brace and unleash artillery with specialized Launchers and Siege Kits as the Accretia.

Fight a massive race vs. race vs. race war 3 times a day, 7 days a week!

Fight for your people in an evolving PvP landscape punctuated by regular race vs. race vs. race Chip Wars and vie for control of the Crag Mines’ precious resources.

Contribute to the growth of your race and affiliation as the economy and politics is constantly affected by the actions of individuals.

Participate, at ANY level, just by heading to the Crag Mines map at the center of all the racial home bases.

Winning the war grants a race exclusive access to the heart of the Crag Mines, where valuable gems and talics await miners to reap their hard-fought-for rewards. But only until the next war begins!

Chip War Schedule (PH time, +8 GMT):