“Ah, the cavalry. You have rained perilous destruction upon your enemies from within your sturdy shells – do not worry – your toys shall not be taken from you. Instead change will come in some most interesting ways; and those ways will remain fearsome against all who try and stem the tide of metal and wheels.”

– Valkaheim, the Lost Prophet, Letter to the Bellato GY 2020

1 more day of updates – and today we talk about the Bellato’s cavalcade of armored catastrophe – the Massive Armored Units.

MAUs have long been the center of debate; both praise and jeering from any and all sides depending on the time period. With Ataraxia; RF Online seeks to meet the most level semblance of equivalence, bringing both buffs and nerfs to the awesome war machines that comprise a sizeable chunk of the Bellato forces. There will be compromises, but we always seek to fulfill a certain amount of power-fantasy (it is, after all, a game we play), and so any nerfs are counter-balanced with appropriate buffs in other aspects. We are confident that the changes coming to MAUs in Ataraxia will be fresh and palatable – and we are yearning for your feedback once the patch hits.


  • Attack Power increased by 25% compared to Lv 70 MAU
  • Defense Power increased by 20% compared to Lv 70 MAU




  • MAU repair discount will increase for a destroyed MAU.

Ataraxia is arriving soon! Get ready, for we have one last update for you coming next: the Cora Summons. See you very soon!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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