The Chip Breaker title is up once again with a Php 15,000 bounty in Novus for the lucky last hitter!


The lucky chip breaker will automatically get PHP 15,000 in cash if he/she delivered it successfully. If he/she fails, the CB Killer will be rewarded with 5,000 PHP worth of Cash Points. Only 10,000 PHP will be left for the Chip Breaker.



  1. If your race was able to destroy the assigned chip, ALL accounts with Lvl 61+ character (Novus) will receive the following: (Reward is 1 per account only)
    • 1 pc Millennial Blade [7-Days]
    • 1 pc Relief Jade Box
    • 10 pcs Shiny Gold Boxes
  2. If the CB Killer is from the race of the destroyed chip, an additional PB Summoning Event for the race will be done after the CBC.
    • Elan PBs & Golden Pig for the Level 3 guilds ONLY!
    • CB killer will choose 1 from 3 Bros (Dagon, Dagan, or Dagnue) as his/her prize for the guild.
    • If the CB Killer doesn’t have a guild, he/she should choose a guild who will help kill the PB (Dagon, Dagan, or Dagnue) to be summoned.
    • If a guild can’t kill their PB due to a lack of members, they can ask for help from other guilds. Kindly inform the GM facilitating the summoning.
  3. If the CB Killer is NOT from the race of the destroyed chipthe CB killer prize will be reduced to half.
  4. Intentionally giving the CB kill will nullify both CB & CB prize. Further investigation will be done if needed.
  5. Every race should target the assigned chip: (Target Chip will rotate every CBC)
    • Accretia should target CCC
    • Bellato should target  ACC
    • Cora should target BCC
  6. If your race is NOT assigned to a chip with a very low HP, you can only proceed to the chip and DPS when it is 15% or below.
    • Example: ACC’s HP is down to 15% and you’re from Bellato. You can go to ACC and hit to get the CB prize.
    • Defending another race’s chip is NOT ALLOWED! You can only block the assigned attacking race along the way.
    • Anyone who will pass the last cades will be given a warning at first but if you still do it, you’ll get banned for 1 day and will be disqualified from the event.
  7. Nukes or Chaos kills are NOT counted as a CB Kill, but the Chipbreaker prize pool will still be decreased.
  8. 2 PM Chip War on the same day will be canceled for this event.
  9. Anyone caught disrupting or not following the rules will be temporarily suspended for 1 day.

NOTE: Please be advised that these mechanics can possibly change for the next upcoming CBCs and may not be applied depending on the discretion of the GM Team. Suggestions are all welcome. You can message GM VOID or GM NOAH.

Gather up your guildmates now and prepare for an exciting test of power!

Disclaimer: Changes will be implemented by the PlayPark RF Online Team if needed without further notice.

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